Functions of the Department

The Food Security and Nutrition Department established by Food Security and Nutrition Act No. 5 of 2011. The Department’s overall mandates are derived from the section 14 (1) of the Act, which stipulate the following functions of the Department:

  • a) coordinate towards implementation of food security and nutrition interventions and policies through various bodies or organizations;
  • b) monitor the food security and nutrition situation and evaluate progress with the implementation of the food security policy and programmes and advise the Steering Committee accordingly on technical issues related to implementation of different Government approved programmes on food security;
  • c) collaborate with other stakeholders in the management of the Zanzibar Food Reserve established under Section 24(1) of the Food Security and Nutrition Act No. 5 of 2011, and as directed by the Food Security and Nutrition Council;
  • d) initiate, undertake and participate in the collection, preparation, production and dissemination of data and information on food security and nutrition;
  • e) facilitate capacity building activities at various levels of implementation to promote understanding and adherence to right to food principles; and
  • f) Serve as a Secretariat to the Food Security and Nutrition Council.