Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Envisaging sustainable access for all citizens to safe, nutritious and culturally acceptable food to meet nutritional requirements for a healthy and active life.

Our Mission

To promote sustainable and permanent availability, equitable accessibility and utilization of safe and nutritious food for all through integrated and well-coordinated multi-sectoral measures at all levels of Government directly involving civil society and the private commercial sector

Our Core Values:


We ensure that Department’s management processes are open as such relevant stakeholders and the public can learn how the Department activities and interventions contribute in implementing supports Government’s overarching policies, strategies, plans and commitments in addressing the underlying causes of food insecurity and malnutrition as a means to reduce food poverty, increase opportunities for the poor to pursue sustainable livelihoods and consequently improve the daily living condition of the Zanzibar population.

Participation and Collaboration

We continuously seek to provide opportunities for FSND to create partnership and forge linkages that shape and improve Department’s activities, performance and impact.


We are accountable for our efforts, and maintain a consistently high moral standard. We consistently demonstrate professionalism and strive to ensure that the performance of the department and employees is measured against the achievement of the Department’s goals.


We build and maintain a highly skilled and professional staff and seek to ensure that every one fulfil their potential. We recognise that knowhow is fundamental to active engagement of all stakeholders and actor in contribute to our accomplishment, therefore we undertake capacity building activities at various levels to promote understanding of role and responsibilities of all relevant actors.