Planning and Coordination Unit

Planning and Coordination Unit: this unit is responsible for planning, coordination and management of department activities while ensuring strong multi-sectoral collaboration and networking with all relevant stakeholders at national, regional and international levels.
Main activities are
  • i. Prepare department’s work plans and budgets; undertake mid-term and annual reviews, produce quarterly and annual progress reports of the department’s performance;
  • ii. Design/initiate and or update policies, implementation strategies and plans;
  • iii. Collect and prepare materials for discussions at the Departmental, Inter-Sectoral Steering Committee (ISSC) meetings and the Food Security and Nutrition Council (FSN Council) meetings;
  • iv. Facilitate the implementation of the decision of Food Security and Nutrition Council (FSN Council) and ISSC ;
  • v. Facilitate the networking with key ministries and other relevant institutions and stakeholders in undertaking various FSN related activities; Organise/Arrange for periodic meetings with focal persons from key ministries and FSN Committees at district and shehia levels.

Food Security and Nutrition Monitoring and Early Warning Unit

Food Security and Nutrition Monitoring and Early Warning Unit: this section is responsible for monitoring of food security and nutrition situation for the purpose of establishing the national and household food security and nutrition status, assessment of areas of improvement as well as to inform a scenario-building process, which is used to project future food security outcomes. In addition, the section is responsible for provision of timely, accurate and reliable food security data, statistics and information for informing decision making process. The monitoring of food security and nutrition is organised into four monitoring systems namely agricultural production monitoring and early warning system; trade and market monitoring system; nutrition surveillance system and monitoring of vulnerable groups.
Main activities are
  • i. Monitoring of the food security and nutrition situation in the country and issuance of early warning on impending food security and nutrition crisis;
  • ii. Conducting market analysis and assessment to generate information for triggering better and early responses to the agricultural marketing signals and information needs;
  • iii. Conducting food security and nutrition vulnerability analysis and mapping for information to locate vulnerable population;
  • iv. Management and timely dissemination of FSN related information outputs such as food balance sheets, policy briefs, food security and nutrition situation reports, bulletins and fact sheets, etc;
  • v. Conducting periodic FSN studies related with the food security issues and FSN policy impact performance;
  • vi. Management of statistical database concerning food security and nutrition situation, weather and other early warning facilities;

Sub-national Technical Support Unit

Sub-national Technical Support Unit: The major function of this section is to build the capacity of the districts and communities on the need to integrate food security and nutrition and Right to Food and good governance principles in formulation, implementation and monitoring of district and community development plans.
Main activities are
  • i. Facilitate the establishment of District Management Committee and Shehia Food Security and Nutrition Committees. Shehia is a lowest administrative structure and each Shehia contain a number of villages;
  • ii. Establishment and coordination of multi sectoral facilitation team that will be responsible for providing trainings at district level;
  • iii. Liaise with the District Management Committee to identify capacity building needs at districts and shehia level; Facilitate capacity building activities at district and shehia levels on FSN related issues including planning and the application of good governance principles in implementing FSN related interventions.
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Food Reserve Management Unit

Food Reserve Management Unit: this section is responsible for administering National Food Reserve where an optimal level of food stocks will be kept or maintained for ensuring a reliable supply of food in Zanzibar, meeting local shortfalls in the supply of food, and addressing and responding to immediate emergencies food request
Main activities are
  • Li. Administering and management of the Food Reserve;
  • ii. Marketing and market facilitation;
  • iii. Management of storage facilities in line with international standards; Management and maintenance of properties and equipments

Administration and Finance Unit

Administration and Finance Unit: this section is responsible for managing of human and financial resources as well as operation and maintenance of services and facilities in order to ensure effective, efficient and accurate financial and administrative operations. The section is sub-divided into two sections: Administration Unit and Finance Unit